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    Hank Rax

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    Hank Rax

    Post by PorcupineMan on Fri Apr 24, 2009 2:23 pm

    Name: Hank Rax

    Age: 18

    Gender: male

    Personality: Hank is very intelligent, but also very proud. He tends to come off as a know it all, but in fact he doesn't like to be called smart. He likes causing chaos, but he doesn't commit any crimes he didn't think up, unless his friends did.
    Likes: chess, intellectual debates, and oranges
    Dislikes: being called smart, free rides, petty thieves (only petty thieves, he doesn't mind real thieves)
    Hobbies: thinking up plans, causing chaos, cooking
    Outlook: mildly positive
    Opinion on Pokemon: he thinks they are neat, as long as they do their jobs
    Usual Mood: happy, but keeping it hidden

    Appearance: (describe or use this template)
    Height: six foot exactly
    Build: thin
    Eye Color: green
    Hair Length: short
    Hair Style: frilly bangs
    Hair Color: blonde
    Skin Tone: pale
    Clothing: a purple vest with large pockets on the inside, a black shirt, and tan jeans
    Outstanding Features: none

    Home Region: Johto

    Nickname: Splice
    Name: Nidoran
    Gender: male
    Number: 32
    Type: poison
    Pokeball type used to capture: greatball
    Item: none
    Special ability: keen eye
    Nature: naughty
    Move 1: poison jab
    Move 2:shadow claw
    Move 3:water pulse
    Move 4: thunder

    Nickname: Trip
    Name: Heracross
    Gender: male
    Number: 214
    Type: bug fighting
    Pokeball type used to capture: ultra ball (for overdoin things)
    Item: none
    Special ability: poison heal
    Nature: gentle
    Move 1: focus blast
    Move 2: shadow impact
    Move 3: toxic
    Move 4: rock slide

    Nickname: Dizzy
    Name: Sunkern
    Gender: female
    Number: 191
    Type: grass
    Pokeball type used to capture: great ball
    Item: none
    Special ability: hyper cutter
    Nature: jolly
    Move 1: razor leaf
    Move 2: sludge bomb
    Move 3: giga drain
    Move 4: bullet seed

    Nickname: Feira
    Name: Abra
    Gender: female
    Number: 63
    Type: psychic
    Pokeball type used to capture: pokeball
    Item: none
    Special ability: poison point
    Nature: sassy
    Move 1: psychic
    Move 2: toxic
    Move 3: drain punch
    Move 4: shadow ball

    History: Hank grew up playing pool and chess for money in a sleaseball town making money using strategy. He thought it was interesting, but it got old, and so he started commiting minor crimes. Eventually he blew up a circus and escaped in a hot air-balloon. He was caught eventually, and while in jail he reformed. Once he got out of jail he started training pokemon, until his wallet was stolen. The thrill of chasing the thief made him remember what it was like to be a criminal and he loved it. The best part was that he decided to make a group of criminals.
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    keymaster of souls
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    Re: Hank Rax

    Post by keymaster of souls on Fri Apr 24, 2009 3:27 pm


    My name is Holmes. We all know that. Okay, so I killed a few people. 27 to be exact. I may have skinned them. I might have removed their muscles and taken out their organs. Made a hefty sum on their skeletons, too. Sure it's gruesome. Sure it's sick. But hey, who are you to judge?

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