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    Lord Jamerson


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    Lord Jamerson

    Post by Rasher204 on Mon May 04, 2009 6:30 pm

    Name: Lord Jamerson

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Personality: unable to tolerate boredom and sociopathicly greedy with a total disregard for all things that are not himself or monetary gain
    Likes: money, Money MONEY! It makes the world go ‘round you know, who ever has the most gets to control those with less and I wouldn’t have it any other way, and if I must step on a few more ants to get it then who among those who care can stop me?
    Dislikes: the poor
    Hobbies: extortion
    Outlook: Opportunistic
    Opinion on Pokemon: tools for getting what you want and toys to be played with, if they are anything more why should I care? After all life is cheap and I am a VERY rich man, so if they break I can just buy more.
    Usual Mood: morbidly amused and smug, often coming across as pretentious or unforgiving often being as wasteful as possible because he can afford to be he dose most of his battling for sport rather than to make any of his pokemon stronger and cares not if they sustain injury

    Appearance: (describe or use this template)
    Height: 5’ 9”
    Build: average
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Length: neck length
    Hair Style: Wavy
    Hair Color: Brown
    Skin Tone: pailish
    Clothing: brown tweed suite top with lime green slacks, white undershirt, black tie and a red hancerchif.
    Outstanding Features: none
    Picture: N/A

    Home Region: ((what region has the most money?))

    Pokemon: (may only have six, may choose from all 482+ except legendaries, use below template)

    Name: Honchkrow
    Gender: male
    Number: 430
    Type: Dark/Flying
    Pokeball type used to capture: wasted masterball
    Item: none
    Special ability: insomnia
    Nature: Serious
    Move 1: Sky attack
    Move 2: Dark pulse
    Move 3: Fly
    Move 4: Night slash

    Name: Mightyena
    Gender: Male
    Number: 262
    Type: Dark
    Pokeball type used to capture: Wasted Masterball
    Item: none
    Special ability: quick feet
    Nature: Serious
    Move 1: Bite
    Move 2: Sand attack
    Move 3: Swager
    Move 4: take down

    Name: Houndoom
    Gender: Male
    Number: 229
    Type: Dark/Fire
    Pokeball type used to capture: wasted masterball
    Item: none
    Special ability: (Flash fire
    Nature: Serious
    Move 1: Flamethrower
    Move 2: Crunch
    Move 3: Odor sleuth
    Move 4: Beat up

    Name: Absol
    Gender: Male
    Number: 359
    Type: Dark
    Pokeball type used to capture: wasted masterball
    Item: none
    Special ability: pressure
    Nature: Serious
    Move 1: Psycho cut
    Move 2: perish song
    Move 3: detect
    Move 4: double team

    History: Born to an extremely lavish life of privilege Jamerson quickly tired of his upper class life and resolved to become higher than the upper upper class as soon as possible, he was already very close to achieving that goal at birth so it was achieved at a very early age. Before he even had his first pokemon he had already ascended the corporate ladder and acquired as much money as legal means were going to grant him, again he was bored. Soon Jamerson took things in to his own hands a seemingly needles quest to obtain more wealth and power for seemingly no real reason, where as he could rule the entire earth at this point its really all just for its own sake leading to more boredom.


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    Re: Lord Jamerson

    Post by Admin-Zeldaman on Mon May 04, 2009 7:01 pm


    Cassidy: Prepare for trouble!
    Butch: And make it double!
    Both: Now here's our mission so ya better listen!
    Cassidy: To infect the world with devastation!
    Butch: To blight all peoples in every nation!
    Cassidy: To denounce the g dness of truth and love!
    Butch: To extend our wrath to the stars above!
    Cassidy: Cassidy!
    Butch: And Butch of course!
    Cassidy: Were Team Rocket circling earth all day and night!
    Butch: Surrender to us now or prepare to fight fight fight!

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