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    Gym Sheet / Gym Rules (sticky this!)


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    Gym Sheet / Gym Rules (sticky this!)

    Post by Rasher204 on Mon Apr 20, 2009 5:39 pm

    Important Note: only admins/mods and users given special permission may create gyms, only one gym of what ever type of Pokemon per region if you defeat a gym leader you may become the new leader rather than receive a badge, the gym leader must give you permission if your going to join one. The elite four works the same way as gym leaders do in terms of joining (only the site founder can create the elite four and decided who is the first to join) All gym leaders have the right to award their badges as they see fit (if their gym has them) The gym's layout is once again up to the leader (it can be edited for new leaders) sound fair? If not do tell

    "shut up and give me the sheet!" you say? fine:

    Type of Gym: (type of Pokemon)
    Current Leader: (Character name (user name))
    Current members:
    Layout: (how is you gym set up?)
    Prize: (list a badge and monetary award and/or any other applicable prizes)
    People to have beaten this gym:


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